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Individualised ribbons and bows

Balloons and flowers

If you opt for our standard car package then you will already have been given the option of having ribbons and bows in any colour/s of your choice (bows can be specified in two colours). Why not upgtrade your budget package or your bus package to get the same effect?
We work with a local and well-renowned florist and balloon artist to offer you the opportunity of adding beautiful flowers (fresh and artificial) and balloons to your package. This upgrade is particulalrly popular for those clients booking one of our buses as it achieves stunning results.
  • Ribbons and bows in any colour of your choice.
  • Bows can be specified in two colours.
  • Extra internal bows provided for buses with this package.
  • Specify colours to match the colour scheme of your wedding.
  • This upgrasde can be specified along with our balloons and flowers upgrades.
  • Lovely cost effective upgrade for an individualised finish.
  • Balloon arrangements with bows in any colour of your choice.
  • Bows can be specified in two colours.
  • As many balloon/bow arrangements as you wish.
  • Specify colours to match the colour scheme of your wedding.
  • Choose our balloons/bows upgrade with or without flowers.
  • Price quoted is for a balloon & bow upgrade without flowers and is per arrangement.
  • Flowers will be quoted on an individual basis.

Only £5 per vehicle

Only £5 per arrangement

Personalised individual 'bus tickets'

Give your guests a permanent momento of their trip by having a set of personalised individual commemorative 'bus tickets' printed; a fantastic way to remind them of the special transport that you arranged for your wedding.
  • Each set of 'tickets' will be personalised to your event.
  • We offer a standard format but can vary the design if you wish.
  • You can include your names, the date, the times and the venue.
  • We charge the same amount per set regardless of numbers.

Only £20

Arrivals drinks packages

We are fully licensed and, in addition to your complimentary drinks that we provise to our clients using our 'standard' car & bus services, we are delighted to offer the following packages:
  • Glass of Prosecco for Bride & Groom (budget package only) ~~~~~~~~~~~ £10
  • Upgrade from glass of Prosecco for Bride & Groom to Champagne ~~~~~ £10
  • Arrival drinks (per head)
    • Bucks Fizz (inc. fruit juice & water options) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ £3
    • Prosecco or Peroni  (inc. juice/water options) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ £5
    • Champagne/Peroni/G&T in pre-mixed can (inc. juice/water options) ~ £7.50
  • Other drinks packages can be quoted for on request.

From only £3 per head

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